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How to Guarantee Progress

I was scrolling through Instagram and noticed a transformation photo of a guy I follow who had lost a considerable amount of weight, so I went to write a little comment congratulating him. That’s when I saw an abundance of other people asking questions in the comments like… “What program do you follow, I need it now!” “Can you send me your program? I need to lose weight and get strong quick!” “My program isn’t working as well as yours, what’s your program called?!” There’s nothing wrong with seeking assistance from someone, everyone needs a little bit of help and that’s OK, this isn’t an issue. What really stood out to me was the sense of urgency that these people had and it pretty much sums up a lot of people's mentalities - “I want it and I want it now.” It seems that a lot of people want to do everything possible except actually putting in the work and committing to an exercise routine and sticking to it. We’ve become accustomed to getting things when we want them with resources like Google, and with next day, or even same day, delivery services like Amazon Prime. The harsh reality of it is that there is no next day delivery for the body that you want. You can’t just Google 'best program for fat loss' and expect instant results either, as there is no 'best program'. You have to put the work in - day in, day out, and stay consistent. That is the best program that you can give yourself. Yes, some programs are better than others and some are better suited to certain goals, but what’s important is that you stick to it and give the program enough time to work. It won’t just take a few weeks, so stick to it. Try to adopt a brick by brick mentality - Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were the pyramids (unless you’re a conspiracy theorist), so why should your progress be any different? If you’re in this to “get ripped fast” you’ll likely end up disappointed. It will be a long journey, there will likely be many ups and downs, so learn to enjoy the process. If you stick to a program and remain consistent, that is the only way to guarantee progress.

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