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Andy Graydon

fitness coach

Andy was heavily involved in sport and fitness from a young age and has worked within the fitness and leisure industry since he was 16. Andy founded AG Fitness in 2014. Starting out as a freelance personal trainer working predominantly with female clients. Seeing the unwelcome environments in most big box gyms motivated Andy to do things differently and open his own, judgement-free and inclusive space. The first AG Fitness gym in north Glasgow quickly grew in popularity and Andy soon opened a second location in the southside of Glasgow. Andy still has a very ‘hands on’ approach towards running his gyms and coaches many of the group sessions, as well as working with his own PT clients.


Natalie Dott

fitness coach

Natalie has always been heavily involved in sport and fitness. She trained as a dancer for 10 years at a competitive level. Through her dancing she gained a keen knowledge of fitness and specifically training for flexibility and core strength. Natalie went on to study Fitness, Health and Exercise at City of Glasgow College and is currently studying international sports management at University. Natalie excels at coaching group sessions and working with clients with limited mobility or injuries. Her aim is to help people become more comfortable and positive within their own bodies.




Darwin is in charge of greeting* clients as they arrive at the gym.

His daily gym duties also include: Napping, posing for instagram photos and barking at a butterfly taking off 3 miles away.

*Crying until he gets attention

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