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Why Fat Loss Fails

How many times have you started a new diet and a few weeks or months down the line you're back to square one? How many times have you asked why? Weight loss has a lot of faces, it has a lot of details and it needs a lot of time and attention.

First of all, people with false expectations of their diet or exercise program often fail at losing weight because they tend to give up more easily. Most would like to lose weight fast, but this ultimately leads to disappointment as it's not sustainable. Losing ten pounds a week is not a realistic goal - you would either starve yourself or over exercise. This could be more dangerous. That is why it is important to set realistic goals!

Another reason that people fail is that some people revert back to their comfort zone or old habits after reaching a short term goal. This is when people tend to go back to their original weight (sometimes even more) as they indulge, as a treat for doing so well! This can lead back to old eating habits and poor food choices.

Being uncommitted is often the biggest offender for fat loss failure, and for good reason! A person who is not committed at losing weight will struggle to give the time or effort required for effective, sustainable fat loss. If you want to lose weight, I'm afraid you're in it for the long game! A promise to lose weight is not enough. There should be more conscious effort that you are going to lose weight. Do not be content with just ‘wanting’ - write up a plan of action and how you will go about losing that weight.

Commitment is spelled with the readiness to change for a lifetime - lifestyle changes don't have time frames. For fat loss to become effective, you have to accept that this isn't some 'diet’ that you'll be on for the next 6 months - it's hopefully going to be for the foreseeable future! Take diets for example; this is where people most often fail. Foods that do not satisfy the dieters are often left alone, and so is the diet. Being restricted to certain a types of food can become frustrating and limiting, so the diet slowly fades away and you're back to your old habits. This is why it is essential to gradually change your daily eating habits by bulking up your plate with vegetables and basing your meals around lean protein sources.

Make small changes like this over time, rather than starting a fancy diet you read about in a magazine.

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