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Brutal confessions of a PT (Part 1)

1. I skip workouts too

As much as I love the gym (it’s pretty much my life) I still skip workouts.

Some days I’m just not feeling it.

Some days I’ve trained 8 clients in a row and all I want to do is go home and sit in silence. The last thing I want to do is spend an extra hour at the gym hitting squats.

2. I don’t always eat healthy

Just because I’m a trainer doesn’t mean that I love pizza any less than you. If I’m honest, I probably love pizza more than you.

Burgers too….

And sweets.

3. Clients share very intimate details with you

When you’re working closely with a client over a period of time you build up a huge level of trust and respect. Clients share very personal things with you.

There’s been a couple of times where I’ve been the first person to hear about pregnancies/engagements etc.

A trainer is someone you can confide in and know that your secret is safe.

None of this EVER leaves the gym. The relationship between client and trainer relies on trust. I’m not going to break that.

And when I say clients share intimate details with you. I mean INTIMATE. Nothing shocks me anymore, I’ve heard it all before.

4. I don’t want to have sex with you.

I did say that these would be brutally honest confessions!

As I mentioned before training requires you getting close to clients. My job is to encourage you, be positive and help you get results. Occasionally as part of training I’ll have to touch you. Don’t mistake all of this as flirting, I’m just doing my job.

Also note, no matter how hot you think you are, once I’ve seen you at 6:45am, barely awake, covered in sweat, just finishing your 7th round of burpees the illusion is probably ruined a bit.

(my girlfriend is also an absolute 10…so yeah…)

5. Stop asking me for free shit, It’s annoying.

You can pretty much guarantee that the first time you meet someone and they find out that you’re a PT, they’ll ask you the most annoying question you can ask a PT. “ah awesome! Can you make me a programme?”

Or “can you do me a session?”

Usually I’ll respond with “of course. Where shall I send the invoice?”

I’m not a charity. I don’t work for free. Neither do you. Stop being a dick.

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