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We thought it would be good for you to properly get to know us, so we gave you the opportunity to ask as some questions! Below are all the answers

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Q1. My biggest issue is getting out of breath. So, what’s the best way to increase lung capacity?


I know who asked this question so I’m guessing this is coming from a lifting view point.

Being out of breath after heavy sets is pretty normal, when I finish a tough set I’m always struggling to get my breath back. Your body is under a lot of stress when you’re lifting so it’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve just done 20 minutes on a treadmill after a heavy set.

However, here’s some tips that might help:

Firstly, ensure that you’re breathing correctly when you’re lifting. It sounds stupid but it’s not uncommon for people to try and hold their breath whilst they’re lifting. Practicing breathing exercises can also assist in increasing lung capacity, it might be a good idea to work these in to your daily routine.

It’s probably not what anyone wants to hear but adding a little cardio into your programme may be a good idea. Nothing major, just 5-10 minutes at the end of your workouts should be more than enough to help!

Q2. I have a question in 3 parts. What is the largest animal that you could 1. Throw over a crossbar, 2. Duct tape to a lamp post and 3. Defeat in unarmed hand-to-claw combat…


Andy – Well according to ‘’ I could deadlift a west indian Manatee. 2.1 As for throwing over a crossbar, a young alpine ibex (I would imagine this would be if the ibex was sedated, if it didn’t want to go over the crossbar then this would be much more of a challenge. 2.2 A newborn manatee. I reckon I could do this with ease. 2.3 I could definitely go a few rounds with a kangaroo.

Finlay - 2.1 I could probably shotputt a couple of pugs over a crossbar. 2.2 Giraffes have long necks, and uncoincidentally they are probably lamp post sized... 2.3 I could punch a blue whale to death - the largest living mammal on earth - as long as it was beached.

Juan - Using the theory. I can Squat a Polar Bear, bench a Black Jaguar and deadlift an American Elk. Real answers to each question, 1. I reckon I could throw a calf over a crossbar, 2. I could probably duct tape a panda to a lamppost or any animal that likes to hold onto things, koala, sloths, slow loris etc and finally 3. Not sure if I would defeat it but I’d fight a seagull because everyone hates them!

Q3. What is your biggest non fitness related achievement to date?


Andy – Guiding Dagenham and Redbridge from league 2 to the championship in 5 seasons on fifa. Absolutely exceptional management.

Finlay - My Pokemon cards got taken off me by my dreadful Primary 1 teacher, Mrs Dickson. At lunchtime I crept into the classroom and swiped them off her desk.

Juan - Still being able to walk.

Q4 - Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?


Andy – Well a duck sized horse probably wouldn’t be that far off the same height as me anyway and the thought of 100 of them is terrifying. I’d rather just take on the boss and go with 100 duck sized horse. Are ducks good at fighting?

Finlay - I'll take on 100 duck sized horses. They shall imprint on me and I will become their leader.

Juan – I would fight all the the little horses! Hoof the little buggers! A giant duck is a terrifying thought!

Q5 - What’s the most common mistake you see in the gym?


Andy – People not squatting to depth. Ego lifting.

Finlay - Too much cardio and little to no lifting. Cardio is great but people often do it because they don't know what else to do in the gym.

Juan - I would have to agree with Andy. Ego lifting and bad technique are the forefront!

Q6 - What one possession would you miss the most if you were stranded on a desert island?


Andy – One of my clients once gave me a cuddly toy dog (that also looks like a lamb) and it’s unbelievably cosy. So probably that. If I was to give a less embarrassing answer then I would just say….my phone.


Juan - A boat/ship

Q7 - What's your ideal day of eating and your favourite exercise regime?


Andy – Food. Breakfast – full English. All the trimmings. Obviously. Then crepes and Nutella. Lunch – Hawiann pizza. Yes pineapple does go on pizza. STFU.

Dinner – Steak and chips. Banging.

I would without a doubt have in between meals and snacks as well but I’m trying to keep my answer like my height. Short.

Favourite exercise regime? Lifting heavy. Is that a regime?

Finlay - Us Hobbitses enjoy up to six meals, when we can get them.

Breakfast - Two bagels w/ Reese's peanut butter and nutella.

Second Breakfast - Eggs, bacon, toast.

Elevenses - Homemade banana and walnut loaf...

Luncheon - A roast. Any kind.

Afternoon Tea - Tea, coffee, cakes, pastries.

Dinner - A big juicy burger.

As for exercise, I enjoy a good old 5x5 on all the major lifts!

Juan – Breakfast – Big plate of pancakes with with bacon and maple syrup and a side of Spanish eggs. Lunch – A couple of Burgers, with sweet potato chips and some American Slaw. Dinner – Follow suite again with Andy and have a big ol’steak with some thigh cut chips and some ribs.

Q8 - What strength related exercise/ lift do you hate the most and why?


Andy – Conventional deadlifts. Sumo is the way of the warrior. I switched to pulling sumo a while back and now conventional deadlifts feel awkward and weak.

Finlay - I know this isn't one of the big lifts but I hate lunges. You have to do them on not one but TWO legs. 3 sets feels like 6. Too close to cardio for me.

Juan - Bench Press. Currently due to injury and generally it’s my weakest lift

Q9 - What's your biggest weakness?


Andy – Juan.

Finlay - Being impatient and wanting too much too fast. It can get frustrating when you fail a lift or can't up the weight/intensity each week, but you've just got to take it slow and steady!

Juan - Playing gym games during training and rugby niggles.

Q10 - What are your current goals/timelines?


Andy – 200Kg deadlift at the end of my current programme, 6 weeks time. If I don’t get it then I’ll probably cry.

Finlay - I'd love to get my bench press up to 5x5 @ 100kg. If I can achieve that by Christmas, I'll be a happy man.

Juan - A 280kg squat is a long term goal! Now that rugby season has started, I’m trying to maintain my strength and not get injured. Well a long term injury anyway! I’ll always have niggles.

Q11 - What's the most embarrassing things that’s happened to you in the gym?


Andy – I’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments in the gym. My number 1 has to be falling off a treadmill that wasn’t on, and hitting my head off the adjacent treadmill. People laughed.

Finlay - Having to work in a gym with Andy and Juan is pretty embarrassing. If you want a different answer, I was once doing pull-ups and I got really bad cramp in my left calf. I dropped from the bar and ended up in a crumple on the floor and nobody came to my aid.

Juan - Nothing, I never get embarrassed!

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