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10 top banded exercises (1-5)

Not everyone has the luxury of working out in a nice, well equipped gym.

Some don’t live or work near a gym, some travel a lot and don’t always have access to a gym.

So I’ve put together my top 10 exercises that can be done with just a resistance band, at home, at the office, in a hotel room. Anywhere!

This blog post contains exercises 1-5 and an accompanying video, the next post will have exercises 6-10.

1. Banded overhead squat

  • Tips – Place the band underneath your feet, making sure it’s secure. When ready grab the band in each hand, with hands equally spaced. Assume the overhead position by pressing the band up overhead and locking out the elbows. Aim to keep the band

directly overhead. Engage the core throughout to maintain stability.

  • Adaptions – Many people lack the mobility or technique to overhead squat effectively. This movement could be adapted to a banded back squat by place the band across the top of the back instead of overhead.

2. Band resisted push up

  • Tips – Wrap the band over your upper back and hold an end underneath each hand. The band should apply enough tension that the top portion of the push up (usually the easiest part of the movement) is just as difficult as the bottom part of the push up.

  • Adaptions – If you struggle to do bodyweight push ups then bands can be used as

assistance in push ups rather than resistance, simply attach the band above you and around your chest and use as assistance.

3. Banded good mornings

  • Tips – Place the band underneath your feet, making sure it’s secure. When ready, loop the

remainder of the band around the back of your neck. Keep a neutral spine and push your hips right back as you bend forward at the torso. Feel a good stretch in the back of the legs and return to the starting position.

  • Adaptions – A thicker or thinner band will make the movement more difficult or easier.

4. Banded bent over row

  • Tips – Double up the band and place the middle of the band underneath your feet. Use the

ends of the bands as handles and grab one end in each hand. Hinge forwards at the hips, maintaining a neutral spine. Pull your elbows back past your sides in a rowing motion.

  • Adaptions – Make the row more difficult by taking your feet wider to create more tension or by using a thicker band.

5. Banded floor press

  • Tips – Lying on your back, tuck the band underneath your upper back. Grab each end of the

band in either hand to use as handles. With your elbows against the floor, drive up in a pressing motion.

  • Adaptions – Grab lower down on the band to create more tension or use a thicker band.

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