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Time to recover!

So after a training pretty hard for the last two months and recently getting a new PB on my squat, I think it's time to have a wee rest as my CNS (Central Nervous System) and Posterior Chain are cooked! Heavy Squats and Deadlifts will do that to you after a while, so I'll have a nice little deload week and work at around 50% - 70% of my current 1RMs. Some folk don't like deload weeks, but for me, if you do them right are invaluable. Going into a deload week, I'm usually just a bit tired of training hard and don't want to do it. After deloading I should be physically and mentally refreshed and feeling ready to train hard again.

What is a deload? To put it simply a deload is period of training where the workload, both volume and intensity is reduced to aid recovery and some fatigue management.

Volume is a bigger fatigue inducer than intensity, so look into deloading there first. So I will Squat 3 x 3 @60% for example, then Pause Squat 1x3@60%, my accessory work will also be reduced so instead of 5 x 8 or 4 x 6. I'll only do 2-3 x 10. I never add any new exercises during a deload week as they just add a new stressor and create more fatigue, essentially defeating the purpose of a deload week. You may only train 2-3 times that week, but still keep active. Go for walks, a swim, get a massage and enjoy the recovery.

I also think it is important to treat a deload week like any other training week, if the previous weeks training is around 80% – 85%, you would obviously give your all into that week making sure everything went smoothly and technically sound. The same should be done during a deload, treat 60% like 80% and you will feel the benefits. It may sound silly, but respect the weight that you are doing.

Eat well, Train smart, Sleep and earn your deload week.

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