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There can be many reasons why you aren’t losing weight. I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you could be stuck.

  1. The main reason why people aren’t losing weight. You’re not in a calorie deficit. You might think you are but you aren’t. Track your calorie intake and your weight. If you’re weight isn’t going down over a period of time then it’s unlikely that you’re in a calorie deficit. Either that or you are in a very slight calorie deficit that isn’t going to produce any real results.

  2. Your diet is shit. Harsh but true. Many people complain that the scales aren’t shifting whilst shovelling fries in their mouths. Get your diet on point, with good single ingredient foods, allowing yourself occasional treats as and when they are needed, to keep your sanity.

  3. Your training is shit. Again, harsh but if you’re not training effectively then how can you expect to drop body fat. Get off your phone, start timing rest periods and training hard.

  4. You’re not consistent. If you train well and eat well 5 days one week and then not at all the next week then you’re taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Commit to working out and eating well. Even if you can only fit a workout in twice a week, make sure you do, every week!

  5. You’ve simply not given it enough time. Many people expect to see instant results and when they don’t they pack it in and give up. Be patient, take the time to establish where you’re at and then ensure you are progressing.

Key points to remember –Eat at a slight calorie deficit, ensuring that the majority of your diet is made up from single ingredient foods. Commit to training effectively and consistently.

Be patient! If you have everything else in check then you’re on your way, just give it time.

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